What should we pay attention to when choosing Bluetooth audio with LED

2021-05-18 1917

In our daily life, music is the favorite of many small partners, no matter where we go, we can see someone listening to music. When we come home from a day's homework, I believe that most of the small partners will like to turn on the computer and listen to their favorite music as the small editor does. When it comes to listening to music, the speaker is natural. It's indispensable. Now more and more partners like Bluetooth speakers because of its convenient connection and good sound effect. So, how should we choose and use Bluetooth speakers correctly when we buy them? Next, let's learn how to choose and use Bluetooth speakers together with the editor.

Bluetooth speaker profile:

Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wired audio equipment with Bluetooth connection, and achieves the purpose of convenience and speed by connecting with Bluetooth broadcasting equipment such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers with compact shapes. Bluetooth speakers are gradually paid attention to and accepted by customers with their convenient features. Most of the common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mono-channel speakers, and some excellent multichannel speakers are emerging at the same time.

Buying skills: speaker manufacturers

1 [Compatibility]

Although Bluetooth speakers are 100% compatible with existing Bluetooth devices, we still need to acknowledge whether our broadcasting devices support Bluetooth before we buy them, so as to ensure that the purchases can be used properly.

2 [Transmission Interval]

The transmission interval of Bluetooth speakers is independent of the Bluetooth version, and mainly depends on the advanced level of skills. For example, the standard transmission interval of PowerClass2 we know is 10 meters, while the upgraded PowerClass1 upgrades the transmission interval to 100 meters and provides Hi-Fi stereo function. Generally speaking, the distance between mobile phone or computer and Bluetooth speaker is not too far, the safe transmission interval is less than 10 meters, and the Bluetooth speaker in the city reaches 10 meters standard; the wholesale of the speaker

3 [Bluetooth version]

When we buy Bluetooth speakers, we often see Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 and other numbers, which represent the different editions, but also represent the anti-jamming ability of Bluetooth speakers. From 2012, 2.0 is the most common, 3.0 is the new mainstream, 4.0 has just been launched. Bluetooth version is different, it is related to the quality of the received signal. The new edition emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference, the new edition can be downward compatible, customers should weigh the price and demand before making choices; Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

4 [built-in battery]

The quality of the built-in batteries in Bluetooth speakers directly determines the broadcasting time and service life of Bluetooth digital speakers. Before purchasing, please be sure to carefully inquire about the actual broadcast time and the number of repeated charge attenuation. It is recommended that customers choose polymer lithium batteries as far as possible when choosing Bluetooth speakers, without explosion risk.