What are the common problems with Bluetooth audio?

2021-05-18 1141

The speaker system is one of the important components of the audio equipment, usually composed of loudspeaker, frequency divider, box, sound absorption material, etc. The defect rate of the speaker system is low, and there are fewer types of defects. There are three kinds of common defects.


1. The connection of the speaker is broken or the frequency divider is abnormal.

2. Voice coil break.

3. The speaker lead is broken.

4. The voice coil burned out.

Sometimes there is no sound.

1. The speaker leads are not good.

2. The voice coil lead is broken or will be short-circuited.

3. Poor contact of output outlet of power amplifier or disconnection of input line of speaker.

4. Poor performance of loudspeakers

5. The core pillar is loosened.

6. Frequency divider is abnormal.

Abnormal sound

1. There are debris in the magnetic gap.

2. Speech coil wiping core.

3. The paper basin cracked.

4. Poor box.