Where can LED Bluetooth Audio be Used

2021-05-18 1090

As more and more car owners begin to pay attention to the safety and rapidity of driving calls, Bluetooth hands-free devices are becoming more and more popular. However, it always feels a little uncomfortable to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a car-borne Bluetooth hands-free just for driving calls.

Actually, this is not necessary at all. In fact, in addition to being a good assistant for driving calls, the car-borne Bluetooth audio can also play a role in many other places.

Driving calls are safe and healthy

For the driver, the current traffic situation is unpredictable, and the steering wheel has to be turned several times. At this time, the leader calls you to report customer information and project progress immediately. Answer? No answer? Even if you are highly skilled, you are on the brink of risk when you are driving while answering the phone by hand. Traffic conditions are changing rapidly, and people or cars may rush out of the main road at any time; failure to do so delays work progress or leads to leadership blame. At this time, if there is a car-borne Bluetooth stereo, the driver almost takes a Shangfang sword, take it! Fight it! There is nothing to worry about. Therefore, when driving to talk, with the car-borne Bluetooth audio, the safety of driving is guaranteed.

In fact, using Bluetooth audio to answer the phone is also good for health. Did you know that the radiation from a two-hour phone call cooks an egg, and the earphone damage far exceeds the radiation damage from the phone? The use of hands-free calls can be described as a double-edged sword, which can greatly reduce radiation damage and prevent earphone irrecoverable damage to the ear. Should we pay attention to health, we should not ignore this daily details!